GP Career Plus Scheme 2017-2018

We have recently been accepted to pilot establishing a ‘pool’ of GPs (and subsequently nurses) to work within an employing agency by NHS England.

The groups of GPs that are eligible to become part of this pool include the following;

a) Those GPs who are soon to retire or recently have returned to practice who wish to retain some clinical practice yet no longer want the responsibility of partnership

b) Those GPs who are newly qualified, who are unsure where in the locality they wish to be based, or indeed who are unsure of following a salaried or partnership model

c) Those GPs who are looking for new and innovative locality based roles where sessions will be both clinical and locality based. These development roles for example, may include care home support, clinical speciality roles, academic or research led roles or indeed may be in development through the BCT programme going forward.


The scheme aims to do the following;

a) Contribute additional core GP capacity to the system - we do not wish to destabilise the current workforce and therefore it is imperative GPs seek colleagues support if they wish to join the scheme

b) To support our own member practices by introducing fair and competitive pricing – we will therefore be restricted by the NHS England recommended rate of pay for GPs ensuring this is fair yet reasonable for practices

c) To develop and support our own workforce whilst attracting newly qualified GPs to the area – with this in mind this opportunity gives newly qualified GPs the opportunity to work across a locality and develop at the same time.


Training to become a GP

There has been an increase in the number of enquiries about how to become a GP from trainees across all specialities, consultant, trust and staff grade doctors. Changes in the NHS over recent years means that more services are provided by multi-professional primary care teams. The report, ‘The future of primary care, creating teams for tomorrow’ gives more insight into these developments.

There are some case studies and frequently asked questions on the GP National Recruitment Office (GPNRO) website for those interested in switching to a career as a GP. Email if you would like to be put in contact with someone who has retrained as a GP.

The next training application round adverts will appear on NHS Jobs, Oriel and Universal Job Match websites on the 20 July 2017 with applications opening 1 – 17 August.

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