GP Career Plus Scheme 2017-2018

The GP Career plus pilot project was completed in the end of September 2018. The goal of the project was to propose and test solutions for retention of experienced GPs in order to reduce GP vacancy rates in the pilot sites. The project has provided significant learning for NHS England to implement in further retention projects.
The Morecambe Bay Mentorship Network was developed as part of the CP Career plus and it continues to provide services across Morecambe Bay. The mentoring services are financed for a period of 12 months, till end of August 2019. The mentoring sessions are available to all GPs and GP trainees in the Morecambe Bay area, providing a supportive environment to address important decisions and further career development.



Training to become a GP

There has been an increase in the number of enquiries about how to become a GP from trainees across all specialities, consultant, trust and staff grade doctors. Changes in the NHS over recent years means that more services are provided by multi-professional primary care teams. The report, ‘The future of primary care, creating teams for tomorrow’ gives more insight into these developments.

There are some case studies and frequently asked questions on the GP National Recruitment Office (GPNRO) website for those interested in switching to a career as a GP. Email if you would like to be put in contact with someone who has retrained as a GP.


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